Plant of the Week : Psoralea Fleta

Psoralea Fleta. A name fit for a beautiful, exotic princess in a far away land.

¬†Once witnessed, Psoralea’s long panicles are just plain sexy. They droop in this languid, fluid way and hanging from the tips are delicate wisteria-like purple flowers! And guess what? Yes, they smell just like grape soda bubble gum. A fragrance that assaults you throughout Spring.

Psoralea is as obscure as it is beautiful in bloom. and was discovered by Annie’s Annuals when it suddenly became a drooping tree, slightly different from it’s sister, Psoralea Pinnata.

To tell you the truth, most of the year, the tree is it bit awkward, slightly bare, it’s thread like drooping foliage seemingly lonely. Yet, at first bloom you suddenly realized why you planted this extremely fast growing South African tree. It grows 12 feet tall and is multi-branched. It deserves a bit of water but can survive with less.

It can sporadically be found at Annies Annuals, which is pretty much the only place it is available. If you are in the rare and unusual then this is the plant for you.

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