B Bryan Preserve

I am a cat person. Sort of. I view our cat as an independent agent, who moves where she pleases, her life moving in tandem with ours but out of  her own hopes and dreams and private realities. Which, is why I am really also a watching wild animals exist from afar sort of person too. B Bryan Perserve is the dream of this kind of animal lover, a man and wife who wanted to create a hybrid sanctuary but without having all the hassle of travel.

If you are traveling up the coast of Northern California you will pass this beautiful Victorian house slash African tundra. There are antelopes and zebras (most of them highly endangered) and the most wonderful/loving of all, their Rothschild giraffes. Even in the zoo you cannot get so close to these type of wild animals and the ability to get as close to them as if they were a cow is very exciting. The main attraction really are the giraffe which literally can be fed from ones month and will lick your face with their long protruding tongue if you allow it.

For people that just can’t get enough there are the cottages where you can have a retreat sort of experience and appreciate the immense beauty of the Mendocino coast. Otherwise there are tours twice a day for half the year that are currently $30 for an hour and half tour of the property (they also have the most beautiful garden ever).


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