Forest Stearns

I am obsessed with my neighbors.

Sometimes it feels like the only people I ever hang out with live within a half a mile radius of me. Forest Stearns just happens to be one of them and also a very talented artist.

Forest had an open studio this weekend in his apartment and I wanted to share some of the awesome very much nature-inspired work that was in it. Pictured below are some of his works that can be found in an accordion style illustrated book that shows a selection of  animals that can be found in California landscape. I also love his pillow and printed collection of vegetable pillows. Lately, I have been spending so much time in the garden if feels like my veggies take on a life of their own. Which, is why I absolutely love this anthropomorphized cauliflower lady that I bought for my couch!

Forest Stearns in Art Director of DeviantArt and can be found at

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